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The Shear-Wall forming system is a versatile labor and cost saving slip form for vertical concrete.

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Application and use

Shear-Wall eliminates the high concrete wall pressures normally associated with one-sided forming, thus minimizing the use of accessory bracing. Large expensive anchors and heavily braced forms are not required, resulting in lower labor and material costs to you.

Product Advantages

The finished wall has few, if any penetrations. Save labor and cost by eliminating patching and possible leaks in any waterproofing that has been applied. Shear-Wall allows for a variety of concrete finishes, ranging from a walk away finish that will be covered after construction, to a steel trowel finish for exposed or architectural use.

Application and use


  • Roll-back, Tilt-back and hydraulic protection and platform applications
  • Climbing Forming Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Applications

Integrates with

  • Tru-Lift


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