Tru-Lift – For Climbing

The Sky’s the limit with one of the industries top lifting formwork system and its team of pioneers and experts.

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Tru-lift is the new Self-Climbing Core Formwork System developed by Forming Concepts, a BrandSafway Company. Designed to minimize construction cycle times and maximize safety, Tru-lift’s fully boarded top platform is designed to carry the concrete boom and any additional materials required, ensuring everything is on hand as it is needed - important when forming at higher floors.

Product Advantages

  • Ability to have fully boarded working platforms create a safe working area.
  • Concrete placement from top working platform via hatches in the upper deck, maximize safe working practices.
  • External panels supported off overhead steel beams, easily retracts, providing safe access for panel cleaning & rebar placement.

New Feature

Safety Features

  • Full perimeter handrails to upper and lower platforms as well as internal hanging platforms for areas not fully covered.
  • Optional use of reinforced PVC sheeting.
  • Full ladder access between platforms ensuring accessibility at all times during the various cycles.
  • Optional using a modular stair access tower system supported off the internal platform allowing accessible egress/ingress from desired floor level below the self climbing system.
  • Aluma Beams using Plywood as decking.

New Features

New Generation Dowel Bar Splicer Elimination System allows the contractor to utilize the Tru-Lift Self-Climbing Core Formwork System while pouring the elevator core walls ahead of the slabs. This system eliminates expensive dowel bar splicers that are normally required when utilizing this construction method.
The Tru-Tech™ System is utilized on jobs with 9 to 24 hydraulic cylinders. The desired lift height is entered into the system and the start button pushed, the computer takes over and controls the lift within preset tolerances.
New Generation Hydraulic Stripping Corner is the quickest cleanest way to strip all 4 inside corners of a core form at once.


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