Topec DH

TOPEC DH is an aluminum modular formwork slab system without beams.

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TOPEC® modular slab formwork from Aluma the shuttering and stripping of slabs much faster and demonstrably more economical than conventional slab formwork systems. This is because the TOPEC system has just two basic parts – panels and props, with a drophead as an optional extra. You’ll get perfect results in just a few working steps.

Product Advantages

Easy handling
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminum design provides ergonomic and fatigue-free handling
  • Columns and other obstacles are easy to work around with TOPEC’s adjustment solutions

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
    Crane-set large area wall formwork
  • Standard Panel Sizes
    2’ x 6’ (600 x 1800 mm) | 2’ x 3’ (600 x 900 mm)
  • Primary Beam Lengths
    8’ (2400 mm) | 6’ (1800 mm)
  • Gird Sizes
    8’ x 6’ (2485 x 1800 mm) maximum grid size 6x8, 3x8, 6x6, 3x6
  • Form Lining Type
    11 mm plastic facesheet
  • Capacity / Slab Thickness
    18” (460 mm) Slab for maximum grid size
  • Corrosion Protection
    Galvanized steel components
  • Standard Shoring
    Lightshore™ aluminum props
  • High Capacity Shoring
    GASS® aluminum props
  • Slope Capabilities
    5º in all directions

Application and use


  • Slab Shoring 

Integrates with

  • GASS


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