EEPS Engineered Edge Protection

The easy-to-install side protection system secures building edges safely and reliably.

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Product Advantages

 Meets all relevant standards:
  • EN 13374:2018 Class A & Class B
  • OSHA 1926.502

Application and use

Flexible and Durable Post

  • The EDGE PROTECTION® post covers a height of 3.4 m. In addition, an extra-long post up to 4.3 m is available.
  • All heights can be covered by the EDGE PROTECTION® coupling.
  • Side protection possible in single, double and total height of the floor.
  • Easy assembly, because the support is braced between floor and slab. No drilling into concrete required.
  • Pressure mechanism withstands at least 2 million load cycles.
  • Visible safety indicator indicates proper installation.

Maximum Side Protection for all Dimensions

  • Standard side protection
  • Increased side protection
  • Complete enclosure

Technical Specifications

  • Resistant grid according to the requirements of EN 13374:2018 (Classes A & B)
  • High impact load corresponds to the impulse a mass of 50 kg at a speed of 23.9 km/h.
  • Long service life thanks to strip galvanized steel materials with additional powder coating.
  • Meets Class B1 for nets
  • Tested by the Lloyds British Testing Institute for catching persons and materials
  • 70 x 70 mm² basic net with 20 x 20 mm² parts catching net support


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