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LOGIK 360 is a true circular panel formwork system capable of producing any variable curves without any straight edges.

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When it comes to circular formwork, LOGIK® 360 is in its element. It enables you to quickly and easily construct tanks, silos or most of any other circular structures.

Product Advantages

  • LOGIK 360 has very few components, cutting the chances of site losses to an absolute minimum. All that is required is an outer panel, an inner panel, ‘Aligning, Leveling and Locking’ (ALL) clamps and ties and washers
  • Maximizing its versatility, LOGIK 360 uses the same components as the rest of the LOGIK range, making transitions from straight walls to circular walls simple and easy.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description

    Circular Wall Formwork

  • Panel Widths (m)
    0.99, 1.25 m external | 0.90, 1.15 m internal
  • Panel Heights (cm)
    60 | 120 | 180 | 240 | 300
  • Profile Thickness
    14 cm steel frame profile
  • Corrosion Protection
    Hot-dip galvanized
  • Form Lining Types
    Finnish Birch plywood w/ phenolic film face
  • Form Lining Thickness
    18, 21 mm plywood
  • Max. Concrete Pressure
    60 kN/m2 (with 15 mm ties)
  • Curve Capability
    From radius of 2.5 m minimum
  • Relevant Standards
    Meets ANSI A10.9, CAN/CSA S269.3-M92
  • Standard Connection
    Use of standard LOGIK clamps (align, lock and level)
  • Special Features
    • Attachable walkway brackets for safe pouring access
    • Color coded internal & external panels for easy identification
    • Crane hook

Applications & Use


  • Exposed curved walls
  • Water Towers
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Hydro Plants
  • Waste Water Facilities
  • Commercial applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Infrastructure applications

Integrates with

  • Aluma Gang Forms with the Aluma Connector Rail
  • Stud Form with the Aluma Connector Rail
  • Logik® 360 Designed for complete system integration


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