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Aluma BEAM

Aluma BEAM

Aluminum Formwork and Shoring Beam.

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Aluma Systems began in 1972 with the design of the Aluma Beam®. A breakthrough in construction engineering that revolutionized the industry by introducing high grade aluminum forming and shoring components to replace the expensive and heavy wood and steel equipment.

Product Advantages

Recycled, heavy-duty plastic nailer strip lasts four times longer than wood

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
    Aluminum Shoring System
  • Beam Lengths (ft)
    2 - 24 ft
  • Max. Load
    Varies based on span
  • Relevant Standards
  • Special Features
    • Accepts standard ½” diameter bolt with square, hex or special Aluma head
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Strong, long-lasting, lightweight aluminum alloy
    • Integrates with many systems
    • Plastic nailer strip
    • Vertical and horizontal applications

Application and use


  • Used for various Aluma integration with many systems in collection
  • Gang Walls and large area coverage, panelized table systems
  • Forming & Shoring Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Applications

Our Beam is a high grade aluminum forming and shoring major component to replace the expensive and heavy steel equipment that integrated into many systems on job sites today.


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