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EEPS Engineered Edge Protection

EEPS Engineered Edge Protection

The easy-to-install side protection system secures building edges safely and reliably.

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EDGE PROTECTION® is used in building construction on each floor and protects against falling at the edge of buildings. The grids can be used simply as standard side protection, double mounted on top of each other as increased side protection or triple mounted on top of each other as complete enclosures.

Product Advantages

 Meets all relevant standards:
  • EN 13374:2018 Class A & Class B
  • OSHA 1926.502

Application and use

Flexible and Durable Post

  • The EDGE PROTECTION® post covers a height of 3.4 m. In addition, an extra-long post up to 4.3 m is available.
  • All heights can be covered by the EDGE PROTECTION® coupling.
  • Side protection possible in single, double and total height of the floor.
  • Easy assembly, because the support is braced between floor and slab. No drilling into concrete required.
  • Pressure mechanism withstands at least 2 million load cycles.
  • Visible safety indicator indicates proper installation.

Maximum Side Protection for all Dimensions

  • Standard side protection
  • Increased side protection
  • Complete enclosure

Technical Specifications

  • Resistant grid according to the requirements of EN 13374:2018 (Classes A & B)
  • High impact load corresponds to the impulse a mass of 50 kg at a speed of 23.9 km/h.
  • Long service life thanks to strip galvanized steel materials with additional powder coating.
  • Meets Class B1 for nets
  • Tested by the Lloyds British Testing Institute for catching persons and materials
  • 70 x 70 mm² basic net with 20 x 20 mm² parts catching net support


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