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Vertical formwork: strong, versatile and suitable to be used in many applications

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The CLAMP PANEL Formwork system provides solutions for the execution of any type of vertical structure, no matter how risky it may seem: walls, columns, abutments, foundations and is suitable for framing any geometrical shape.

Product Advantages


The system is comprised mainly of panels, joined by clamps, available in gangs that make up the formwork. CLAMP PANEL has elements or accessories that efficiently and safely provide solutions for all types of geometries.

Technical Specifications

  • Panel Widths (cm)

    30 | 45 | 60 | 75 | 120 | 240 

  • Panel Heights (cm)

    60 | 120 | 270 | 330

  • Profile Thickness

    14 cm steel frame profile

  • Corrosion Protection

    Hot-dip galvanized

  • Form Lining Types

    Finnish Birch plywood with phenolic film face

  • Form Lining Thickness

    18 mm plywood

  • Average Weight

    65 kg/m2 (including accessory components)

  • Max. Concrete Pressure

    80 kN/m2 (with 20 mm ties)

  • Relevant Standards

    Meets ANSI A10.9, CAN/CSA S269.3-M92

  • Standard Connection

    ALL clamps (aligning, levelling, and locking)

  • Special Features
    • Large sized panels
    • Stripping and hinged corners 
    • Fast connecting crane grab
    • OSHA complaint safety tie off capability

Applications & Use


  • System designed to support high concrete pressures.
  • Wide range of panels, the largest being 3.3x2.4m (7.92m2).
  • Robust panel formed by a metal frame with reinforced corners.
  • Highly versatile system due to lateral holes that allow quickly framing typical solutions, such as bulkheads, corners and columns.
  • Panels are joined by clamps with the strike of a hammer to form large gangs, which can then be lifted
  • Safety elements are easily fastened to panels, thus always guaranteeing safe system use.

Integrates with

  • Curved Wall
  • Clamp Panel-Scaffold Brackets


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