Steel Garage Beam

Streel Garage Girder for concreate beams.

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Custom Garage Beam spans impressive lengths and with its integrated jack and caster the systems can be positioned quickly on site.
Post tensioned parking structures are a labor efficient alternative to flat plate or slab design. The very nature of post tensioned design allows for long-span slender beams with relatively thin one-way slabs spanning between the beams.

Product Advantages

  • Beam width, depth and draft angle are fixed to suit most applications
  • Highly flexible, works with all Aluma jacks and casters

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
    Modular Steel Beam Formwork
  • Beam Width (in)
    14 (Bottom) / 16 (Top)
  • Beam Depth (in)
    29.25 in
  • Beam Draft Angle
  • Collapsed Height
    58.3 in
  • Relevant Standards
    Meets ANSI A10.9
  • Special Features
    Hinge frame mounting connectors
    Integrated jack and caster supports
    Fixed beam shape with dedicated

Application and use


  • Concrete beams, parking structures
  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Applications


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