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SAFESCREEN is a perimeter climbing protective system used for full work floor enclosure as well as edge and weather protection.

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SAFESCREEN is an innovative rail climbing edge protection system ideal for projects over ten stories high. Protecting operatives from falls, weather conditions and also providing a useful working platform which extends beyond the slab edge.

Product Advantages

  • Multiple floor protection with optional vertical extension
  • Improved on-site and public safety due to full enclosure of the working environment
  • Providing a protective screen for workforce at high levels

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
    Perimeter Climbing Protective System
  • Unit dimensions
    4.60 m x 12 m typical
  • Weight
    1.50 – 3.70 tonnes
  • Manipulation
    110 V hydraulics | Crane
  • Transportation
    No requirement for special wide load
  • Panels
    Solid steel sheeting | Perforated sheeting | GRP translucent sheeting
  • Application
    From second floor
  • Suitability
    Variable building shapes
  • Relevant standards
    BS 5975 | EN 12811 | EN 1993
  • Special features
    • adjustable cladding panels
    • folding / extending platform
    • self climbing
    • simple to assemble and install
    • can be built on and off site and adapted for standard transport
    • used on reinforced, post tension and precast slabs
    • Loading platform size – standard approx. 2.10 x 2.70.
    • Other sizes also available with max width approx. 2.70 m, length 5.00 m

Application and use


High-Rise Construction
Most commonly the sections are designed for approx. 3.00 m floor to floor; however, they can also be designed for floors from 2.80 m to 4.30 m providing full protection and access platforms to completed “Dry” and new under construction “Wet” levels.


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