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Steel Frames

Steel Frames

High capacity and Heavy-Duty Shoring and Pre-Shoring applications can be achieved with 20K and Aluma Hi-Load®.

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20K Steel Frames


Aluma Hi-Load® was designed by our award-winning engineering team and the large mobile tables have been used for over 30 years

20K Frame

The most universally used system in the industry, ideal for most construction applications.

Product Advantages

  • Up to 20,000 lbs. per frame.
  • High capacity, robust painted steel frames, can handle extreme job site conditions that are less susceptible to damage.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
    Shoring System
  • Frame Heights (ft)
    3.5 | 5 | 6 ft
  • Frame Widths (ft)
    2 | 4 ft
  • Tower Frame Spacing (in)
    2 - 8 | 10 ft
  • Max. Leg Load
    10 kps Normal
  • Application Range
    Shoring tower | Falsework
  • Relevant Standards
    Meets ANSI A10.9, CAN/CSA S269.3-M92
  • Special Features
    • Toolless brace attachment
    • Headload frame
    • Extension staffs for varying leg heights

Application and use


  • Shoring & Re-Shoring applications
  • Heavy slab shoring applications
  • Various forming applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Applications


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