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Project Management

We take on demanding tasks efficiently and reliably

If you wish, we can take over the complete project development for you: starting with a comprehensive problem analysis and detailed technical planning, to process, cycle and schedule planning – including provision of an experienced coordinator. In this way we free you from unnecessary risks and help you to achieve the best results in every relationship.


What We Do

1st phase: Situation analysis

Definition and analysis of all relevant data, premises and conditions of the customer. For example: specifications, time scheduling, working hours per day, working days per week, downtimes for slab and wall formwork, concrete surface qualities, protective scaffolding etc.

2nd phase: Technical preliminary planning and cost estimation

All the details concerning the system and the execution are defined in order to determine the costs. This includes: system selection, construction work and cycle planning, quantities to be stored, number of columns and employees, rough time schedule, application and deployment sketches, calculation of the services offered in accordance with the specifications of the contract as well as offer price including technical position descriptions.

3rd phase: Implementation planning

After the customer's decision, the use of the equipment is planned on schedule. This planning phase includes detailed technical planning, formwork layout plans with material parts lists, preparation of elevation and assembly plans, structural calculations, scheduling and provision. This phase is completed by the delivery of all equipment according to planning, material disposition adapted to the construction site, performance comparison, determination of reasons for delay and recommendation of appropriate countermeasures, participation in site discussions (according to specifications), relief of the site management by the formwork coordinator provided by us.

4th phase: Project conclusion

Support with invoicing, return delivery, post-calculation including conducting the final discussions. By supporting you in the tendering phase, we ensure the highest possible calculation and planning reliability. During implementation, our project team works side by side with your employees to ensure safe, smooth and timely processes. Perfect organization and coordination are the keys to success.

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