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Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning and Repair

Keeps the formwork in place for a long time and the running costs low

If you want to minimize your effort, our cleaning and repair service is just the thing for you – it allows you to work smoothly and efficiently with perfectly functioning formwork elements. This keeps the formwork in place for a long time and the running costs low. We would be pleased to take over this task for you, regardless of whether it is rental formwork or your own stock.



Our specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure perfect and environmentally friendly cleaning. If necessary, parts are repaired, welded or genuine spare parts replaced. Of course, we can also replace wooden or plastic formwork skins and clean props, scaffolding and small parts on request.

Your benefits

  • High-quality cleaning and repair by our own qualified personnel
  • Savings in working space and rental time
  • No disturbance to your own working operation
  • Your staff can be deployed elsewhere

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