The Aluma Rollback is an innovative climbing forming and shoring solution for virtually any tall vertical structure.

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Applications and Use

Aluma Roll-back system was design to thrive in vertical applications. The integration of standard Aluma Gang increases on-site equipment utilization and reduces rental rates.

Product Advantages

  • Compatible with Aluma Gang, Hand Set Panels, Steel Walers and Aluma Beams
  • Can be used as a platform only, or in combinations with wall forms

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description
  • Materials
    Painted steel
  • Capacity / Load
    Varies, application specific
  • Weight
    280 kg, typical application
  • Manipulation
    Crane handled
  • Application Range
    Can be used independent of wallforms
  • Relevant Standards
    Meets ANSI A10.9, CAN/CSA S269.3-M92
  • Special Features
    • Integrated guard rails
    • Minimal component system
    • Leveling bolt and plumbing brace
    • Traveling platform for worker access
    • One sided applications

Applications & Use


  • Roll-back, Tilt-back and hydraulic protection and platform applications
  • Climbing Forming Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Applications

Integrates with

  • Aluma Gang
  • Hand Set Panels
  • Steel Walers
  • Aluma Beams



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