Timiskaming Dam – Scaffolding System

Replacement of the Quebec portion of the Timiskaming Dam Complex, built on the border between Quebec and Ontario


A $20.9 million project to maintain water levels to Lake Timiskaming and the Ottawa River


Scheduling and environmental considerations, along with the need for unique solutions to meet the job’s requirements


Use of Aluma Systems’ Hi-Flyer decking system led to a 37% cost savings on the project, compared to the cost of a traditional scaffold system in the total rental of the shoring and decking. Aluma Systems’ solution also saved nearly 60% in labor hours for setup and stripping the forming deck of the 16 slabs for the whole duration of the job.

By using the Hi-Flyer system, the general contractor was able to meet its scheduling goal and continue with the slab construction without shoring from the ground. Without this, the entire project would have been extended another season. This factor alone shortened the $20.9 million job by nearly 10 months.


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