Shinkansen Railway System – Suspended Scaffold | QuikDeck<sup>®</sup>

Shinkansen Railway System upgrade, Japan


A 10-year, $7 billion refurbishment plan to retrofit 90 miles of track for premier bullet train


Safely accessing the underside of long stretches of the elevated rail track, without touching anything below 


Designed specifically for locations where scaffolding cannot be built up from below, BrandSafway’s QuikDeck®, a suspended scaffolding system, was the ideal solution for the Shinkansen Railway System project.

QuikDeck provided a temporary floor sturdy enough to withstand winds up to 170 miles per hour, generated by passing trains. The project relies on QuikDeck’s easy installation and removal. Throughout the project, 600,000 square feet of QuikDeck will be used, removed and relocated 10 times.

“Because we are able to provide a great work environment, where workers feel safe and have wide-open, flat spaces from which to work, our productivity has been very strong,” said Dai Ono, CEO is Nisso Industries, the project’s access contractor. “We can cover yards of retrofit work in just a matter of months. QuikDeck has been critical to the success of this project.”


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