Air Force Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) – Scaffolding Systems

Construction of the new Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) at the Air Force Academy in Colorado


Access (scaffolding systems) and shoring throughout construction of the CCLD, which included a 105-foot tower made of 460 tons of steel and glass


Develop a solution for the tower’s unique 39-degree tilt


With the development of a new building at the Air Force Academy, its architects decided to create something dramatic — so dramatic that the shape of the structure’s tower couldn’t support its own weight until it was nearly completed.

Needing an access partner with engineering experience, nimble production and ironclad execution, BrandSafway was the perfect fit for the job.

BrandSafway’s solution was a specially manufactured scaffolding system with five-foot-eight-inch legs, able to work within the diagonally-oriented building and easily be moved during the building’s construction to allow for the installation of glass panes.

The BrandSafway team's skill and flexibility, including their willingness to work weekends and overtime, were critical to the project's incident-free completion.


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