Energy-from-Waste Plant – Shoring System

Construction of Energy-from-Waste Plant, Suffolk County, United Kingdom


Design and supply a safe and flexible solution to build a concrete bunker for the new facility


Building a solution to support the project's 186 cubic meters of concrete, weighing more than 450 tons


Safety, speed and flexibility are among the key reasons why Hünnebeck’s lightweight aluminum shoring system was selected for the construction of a new energy-from-waste plant in Suffolk, which handles 269,000 tons of waste per year.

Hünnebeck’s GASS shoring system was used to construct the facility’s waste bunker, located at the center of the plant in Great Blakenham, near Ipswich. An 8-meter-high lift was created to support an intermediate slab, on top of which a 10-meter lift was used to support the top slab. Each slab was 300 square meters in area and 300 millimeters thick, supported on 1,200-millimeter-deep beams.

Due to its speed of construction and inherent flexibility, Hünnebeck’s GASS shoring system was the ideal solution for the job.


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