Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa – Scaffolding Systems

Refurbishment of Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa


$1.7 million access setup requiring 15 semi loads of scaffolding


Keep the project's scaffolding systems hidden from view and quiet, all in 106-degree heat


It’s a big job to provide construction access to thousands of square feet of building exterior, while constantly repositioning 15 semi loads of scaffolding. It’s harder still to do it in 106-degree heat. But on top of all that, the building owner wanted the entire project to be nearly invisible. That’s territory few service companies will venture into, much less be able to manage.

Due to the site access issues, much of BrandSafway’s Systems Scaffold had to be unloaded and positioned by hand. To satisfy the owner’s request to hide the project from guests, BrandSafway covered the scaffolding with a beige screen that matched the building’s exterior — concealing the scaffolding and work. During the project, there were at times as many as 100 workers able to access all parts of the building with ease and complete confidence.

At the project’s completion, the entire building’s stucco exterior was refurbished to exacting quality standards, on time with no safety incidents.


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